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Dish Network Prices Compared to Cable TV Prices

Cable Tv companies are notorious for raising the cost of their service often and repeatedly. The average cable bill in the United States increased 8.2% last year. Because of these price increases, many people who have been fairly satisfied with cable for many years are finally starting to pay attention to satellite television which has always been available with lower fees than the typical cost of cable. Dish Network has been in existence for a decade and has gained a large subscriber base of about 12 million since its inception. In recent years, DISH Network has seen a greater number of cable customers transferring to their satellite service in recent years. While Dish Network has always offered good service at reasonable prices, many people have been reluctant to make the switch mostly due to the basic human fear of change and go-with-what-you-know attitude many people posess. In most areas of the United States, customers will find that Dish Network is less expensive than that of the local cable service. Dish Network programming packages start as low as only $29.99 a month with many different channel options and services. Satellite TV is usually less expensive than Cable TV due to many additional costs that are related to Cable TV such as: franchise fees, taxes, costs for any pay per view services and equipment costs.

Fees for basic cable programming average $30 to $40 dollars per month depending on which company the user chooses and the location of the viewer’s home. DISH Network prices start at $29.99 for 230 satellite TV channels including 60 Sirius radio channels. DIRECTV prices start at $29.99 for 155 channels including 50 XM satellite radio channels. And both satellite TV providers broadcast all their programming in digital format the user doesn’t accrue any additional fees for this feature.

In terms of price increases, cable fees have gone up 41% since 1998, while satellite TV fees have only gone up only 8%.

The difference in price between cable and Dish Network is a big attractor for new satellite subscribers. Once people have done the research and realize how great the the cost effectiveness is, it is clear that the customer can get much more programming and more advanced service for the same price. For example, Dish Network's HDTV programming packages cost roughly the equivalent of digital cable packages. Many people, when switching to Dish Network, use the savings resulting from the switch to upgrade their television to the services that the user havs always wanted.

Lower prices for satellite service do not mean inferior customer or programming service. In point of fact, the Dish Network customer service and technical service of the product itself is much more advanced and features more options than the traditional cable television system.

Dish Network includes foreign language programming, seasonal sports, game-playing, on demand viewing in addition to the already existing multitude of local and national channels that are provided as part of the basic package.

Dish Network offers a high-grade selection of equipment from DVRs to receivers with features like the electronic program guide and interactive television. All of this equipment and technology is included in the subscription price.