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Pros and cons of satellite Internet service

Pros and cons of satellite Internet service Satellite TV Internet, you have heard about it and you might be considering having one for yourself. If thatís the case, ever wonder what is good and bad about the satellite Internet connection? Here is the better view on pros and cons of satellite Internet access.

What are the benefits? Satellite Internet access gives high-speed Internet solution to the residents in remote area. As long as a clear view of the southern sky is available, users can enjoy high speed Internet connection via satellite signals. Satellite Internet technology provide high speed and always-on Internet connection. Think of the changes can be done when satellite Internet brings access to information, knowledge, online services, and communication to the extreme remote regions, where it was once isolated from the rest of the modern world.

The surfing experience with satellite system is quite alike with broadband connections and the service receives lots of positive feedbacks from the customers and more and more people are switching from conventional dial-up ISP to satellite ISP. Hughes Net for example had installed more than 800,000 systems ordered or shipped to customers in 85 countries through out 30 years in the business.

What are the pull backs? In general satellite Internet faces two problems, which are network latency and unstable connection.

Network latency problems in satellite Internet The network latency problem in satellite Internet services remain unsolved till nowadays. Such issue cause the Internet service unusable for quite some online applications such as network gaming and video conferencing. A prominent example is network gaming. Multiple players connect their gaming consoles or personal computers to the Internet and participate in an online game, World of War Craft for example, to compete against each other. The communication and synchronization between each player is highly important. These games require the possibility of reacting quickly to events occurring in the game (for example, escaping from opponentís attack). With a latency of even 0.5 seconds, normal game play is affected, causing players using satellite internet to be at a disadvantage.

Degrades in service performance due to heavy storm.

Satellite signals are normally transferred in KU Band frequencies for satellite ISP. KU Band signals are interfered whenever heavy storms and this will cause unstable Internet connections or even short term total outages on the service.

Conclusions Without doubt satellite Internet is not going to replace DSL or cable Internet connection in any near future. Unless there are dramatics improvements in the service quality or striking drop in the service price, satellite Internet services most probably are going to interest only those living in area without DSL and cable Internet connections.