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Philips Unveils New 100 Inch Super-Sized Philips LCD TV Prototype

Philips introduced its newest prototype LCD TV prototype in Berlin in September, the site of this year's IFA technology conference. Philips most recent foray into LCD technology offers four-sided Ambilight technology and measures an amazing 100 inches.

With high-definition TV on the forefront of future technology, Philips has truly created a cutting edge product. This 100 inch, super-sized LCD TV isn't only special because of its size, but because of its Ambilight technology, currently Philips' most innovative product.

Ambilight technology, called Full Surround in the new 100-inch LCD TV, refers to a special form of backlighting with colors that change according to the program material and its corresponding pixel colors, called pixel plus 3HD processing. Ambilight works by creating a multi-colored, glowing halo around the edge of the TV screen. This reduces eyestrain and makes the LCD screen seem larger than it actually is, ultimately creating a more realistic picture.

In the new 100-inch Philips LCD TV prototype, the Ambilight technology occurs on all four sides of the screen instead of the traditional two-sided Ambilight technology found on the current LCD TV's; thus the name "Full Surround."

The Ambilight technology offers numerous options, even a solid white light that reflects the light show without the need for a white wall behind it. The actual system proffers setting and controls, like color, action, ambience, and movie.

For example, color mode allows you to set the light to change with the colors on the screen or set it at one color; the action mode allows the speediest response, and you can adjust brightness of Philip's Ambilight LCD technology via a light sensor or manually, according to your preference

The picture on the new 100 inch super-sized Philips LCD TV prototype is clearer than ever, and will be widely coveted upon its release; the bad news is that it only exists as a prototype at the moment, and probably won't be available to general consumers for awhile. Philips has not yet offered a release or distribution date.

In short, the IFA was Philips' way of showcasing its new HD technology and giving consumers and resellers a taste of coming trends in HD technology. The 100-inch LCD TV cements Philips position as a leader in the flat-panel LCD TV market and one of the best producers of cutting-edge home entertainment systems. The Ambilight technology is the icing on the cake of a truly innovative, high-end product that promises a far more dramatic, immersive viewing experience than anything currently on the market today.